Finnicum's Hardware &  Furniture

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 122 Broadway

 Culbertson.  MT  59218

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The Other Place


105 Broadway, Culbertson, Montana
Phone: 406-787-5211  

Mon - Sat 8am - 5:30pm





Finnicum's: Founded on the Frontier

Finnicum's Furniture now only has one location.   We are now back to basics in Culbertson, Montana where it all began.  Paul Finnicum manages the Culbertson location with his wife Lynne and a daughter Tina Finnicum-Wallace.  Bernie W. Finnicum (Butch) and LaVonne Scotson also help in and around the store.

The Beginning. . .

  Bernie W. and May Finnicum lived and farmed in the Andes community south of Culbertson for many years. In the 1940's they started moving to Culbertson in the winter so their children could go to school. In 1945 Bernie W. started working at the Gambles store, then owned by Ed and Max Tchabold. In 1948 he bought half interest in the business and later purchased the other half. The business was a hardware store, but through the years they started selling furniture, appliances, flooring, televisions and other merchandise that people desired in their homes. In 1955 Bernie W. and May passed away, leaving the store to seven grown children. Bernie W.'s son, Bernie, managed the store. In 1967 Paul Finnicum started working full time with his father. Upon returning from military service in 1972, (Bernie) Butch Finnicum started working at the store along with his brother and father. Their third brother, Bill, joined them in 1978 until moving to the west coast in the late eighties. LaVonne Scotson, Bernie's daughter, moved her family home in 1980 and soon started working with her father and brothers. In 1994 Bernie turned the store over to these children, the current owners. Gambles franchise went out of business, thus allowing the name to be changed to the current Finnicum's Hardware or Finnicum's Furniture.